Risks associated with tongue/oral piercing:


Risks associated with tongue/oral piercing: Chipped Teeth Cracked teeth that cannot be fixed and need to be extracted Drooling Bad breath Altered speech ie. lisping Nerve damage Loss of taste Infection of the tissue around the piercing Swallowing or chocking of all or parts of the piercing ODHA Dental Hygiene Facts: Ludwig’s angina is a life-threatening acute bacterial infection of the floor of the mouth caused when bacteria enter the bloodstream through the open wound (piercing site). This is a serious condition as the swelling from inflammation can block the air passage and prevent saliva from being swallowed. Body piercers are not members of the medical profession: They do not review health history, prescribe antibiotics or provide post-op care. Contaminated piercing equipment can lead to other infections such as blood borne hepatitis (B, C, D and G) as well as HIV and AIDS.