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Vaughan Dental Implants: What to Expect


Vaughan dental implants are often the right choice for seniors who lose teeth as they get older. These are designed to look and act just like your natural teeth. Dental implants are a titanium post that’s capped by an artificial crown or tooth. Placing the post can take as little as a half an hour or as long as four hours. The implant needs to fuse with the jawbone afterwards for several months. When that’s done, the cap can be placed on top. Here’s some other things that you should expect from dental implant surgery. A thorough exam and consultation. Dentists will need to take x-rays and models of your teeth to get an accurate overview of the situation. They want to make sure your implants match your natural teeth as closely as possible. The first step is fixing the implant into your jawbone. There is only a little bit of discomfort. It’s much less than our patients imagine and they return to work the next day. There are a variety of sedation techniques available. Afterwards, you might experience some minor bleeding, bruising and swelling. Most of that can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. A small connector that’s called [...]

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Woodbridge Invisalign Tips Everyone Should Know


If you need orthodontic work but don’t want traditional braces, Woodbridge Invisalign is a great option. These are more convenient and much less painful than metal braces. It’s even easier to eat and brush your teeth with these clear aligners. Getting the most from these braces is important. Here are a few tips to help you do just that. Stay on Schedule As a rule, you’ll need to change these aligners once every two weeks. To get the results you and your dentist want, you’ll need to stay close to the treatment plan. It’s a good idea to set a reminder on your phone. Write the date down to switch the aligners on your calendar. There are also a variety of mobile apps that can remind you when the time comes. Watch What You Eat and Drink  Everyone who uses these clear aligners wants straight teeth. That means you’ll need to tweak your diet a bit. That could mean staying away from foods that stain like tea and coffee. Even some of the foods that are good for you can cause discolorations. Try to focus on what your new smile will look like. That way you won’t miss some of [...]

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Some Woodbridge Family Dentistry Advice to Pregnant Moms


As your Woodbridge family dentistry professionals, we want to look after everyone in your clan. That means doing our best and offering suggestions for pregnant mothers. There are a few proactive steps that you can take to look after your teeth, gums and unborn child from any unnecessary complications. First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to share the news with us as soon as possible. There are certain medications we might otherwise prescribe that are not the best for expectant mothers. The sooner we know that you have a child on the way, the better. Share Your Plans Even better if you can share your plans to start a family before you’re pregnant. That way we can get things like x-rays done in advance. Here’s a tip if you need some dental work done and are already expecting. The ideal time to have any work done is the second trimester. More Woodbridge Family Dentistry Advice for Expectant Moms If you’re like most pregnant mothers you’ll need to pile on some extra calories. Then there’s the pregnancy cravings and morning sickness to deal with. All of these situations can cause advanced risk for cavities. Here’s some tips so you [...]

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The Big Bonuses of Vaughan Teeth Whitening


Vaughan teeth whitening is just another one of the services we offer. Dr. Panovski has a professional caring team that provide the highest quality dental care. Come in and see what our friendly relaxed environment is all about. Having whiter teeth benefits our patients in many different ways. We’ve taken the time to put together just a few of the advantages. A Boost in Confidence It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work or in a social situation. Having whiter teeth makes you feel better about yourself. We have had patients who use this service to help them get a promotion. Others just want to enjoy having people attracted to a bright white smile. The Techniques We Use The techniques that we use our state-of-the-art. When you come to see us for this process, we’ll fill you in on the foods that can stain your teeth. Some of them are even good for you. Too much coffee is one of the culprits and even blueberries can leave stains on your molars. Why not take a few minutes to read about how our chair-side bleaching process works? Vaughan Teeth Whitening Opens Doors You might be looking to start a relationship or move [...]

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5 Good Reasons to See Our Woodbridge Dental Hygienists


We have an excellent team of Woodbridge dental hygienists that we are extremely proud of. These are dedicated professionals who are committed to each and every member of your family. Here’s five good reasons why you should come in and see our Woodbridge dental hygienists. They Help Your Gums Stay Healthy Folks who have poor dental hygiene often develop gum disease. They have unpleasant symptoms like bad breath and bleeding gums. If this situation goes on long enough without being treated, these people can actually lose teeth. Dental hygienists can clean those hard-to-reach places. Regular visits to these professionals can help you avoid gum disease. They Help You to Avoid Other Diseases    Our Woodbridge Dental Hygienists are trained professionals. They can clean your teeth and help to keep your gums healthy at the same time. They are also trained to look for the early stages of issues like oral cancer. Finding this kind of disease early enough means it can usually be cured. Another good reason to visit these experts on a regular basis. You’ll get a Deep Cleaning with Our Woodbridge Dental Hygienists Most of our patients follow a good dental hygiene routine. However, even dedicated brushing and [...]

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Great Reasons to Choose Our Woodbridge Family Dentistry Services


Thinking about choosing us as your Woodbridge family dentistry professionals? At Vellore Corners Dentistry, we pride ourselves on treating every member of the family. We take a personal interest in everyone in your clan. Out professional team is dedicated to making sure your oral health is always a top priority. Here’s some other great reasons to choose our Woodbridge family dentistry practice. You Can Bring in Everyone We understand that modern life can be quite hectic for today’s busy family. That’s why we like to focus on the fact that a dental team like ours can look after every member of your tribe. Take a minute and check out our crew. Each member has the experience you’re looking for and the dedication to a unique oral health plan for everyone. From emergency dental care to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, we have every member of your family covered. Our Woodbridge family dentistry Practice Offers Compassionate Affordable Care   Vellore Corners Dentistry starts your family dentistry experience with a friendly welcoming office. We’ve designed it that way so you and everyone from the grandparents to the children have a pleasant first impression. We are dedicated to making sure each and every [...]

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Vaughan Emergency Dentist Tips for Travelling


Keep in mind we are here as your Vaughan emergency dentist when you have a mishap at home. You might be playing sports or even have a slip and fall in your kitchen or front yard. Dental emergencies can crop up at any time. We want you to be prepared for every situation. That’s why we’ve put together some Vaughan emergency dentist tips for when you are traveling and on vacation. When You Get a Toothache on The Flight There are several reasons why you might get a toothache while flying to a holiday destination. Air pressure can be imbalanced in the cabin. If you’ve got a space in your filling, or crack or cavity, you might be uncomfortable while flying because of these air pressure changes. Things should clear up when you land. If they don’t, floss and rinse your mouth out to get rid of anything that might be stuck between your teeth. If that doesn’t work and the pain persists, make an appointment with our Vaughan emergency dentist as soon as you get home. Being Proactive As your Vaughan emergency dentist, we want you to have a good time on your vacation. It’s the time to leave [...]

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Seniors and Vaughan Cosmetic Dentistry


One of the things that distinguishes our Vaughan Cosmetic Dentistry services is the great team we’ve put together. At Vellore Corners Dentistry, we work hard at providing our clients with the best cosmetic dentistry options. Having an excellent team of dedicated professionals is a big part of that. This group loves to serve the seniors in our community. In fact, that’s why we’ve put together this blog on our older patients and what they can expect from Vaughan cosmetic dentistry services. Age-Related First off, it’s important to keep in mind that you want your teeth to look good for as long as possible. However, there are a number of different age-related issues you’ll need to look at as you get older. First and foremost, your natural teeth might begin to stain or show some discolouring. We’ve even had patients that have chipped or cracked molars. None of those means that you need to compromise your smile. There’s a cosmetic dentistry option for you to keep your teeth beautiful well into your golden years. Veneers are one of the best options. These thin and durable pieces of porcelain are bonded to your original teeth. They repair chips and stains as well [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Vaughan Pre Op Tips


The Cosmetic Dentistry in Vaughan services we provide change lives. You’ll get boosted self-confidence and a brilliant white smile no matter which one you choose. Some of these services are quick and easy. Others, like dental implants, require a little more time and energy. We’ve put together a list of Vaughan cosmetic dentistry preop tips to make things go more smoothly. Doing a little research helps you to know what to expect. We’d love to have you come in for a consultation. Don’t forget to bring any questions you have along because we are always happy to answer them. We’ll walk you through the advantages of any procedure you’re thinking about and any risks. On the day of your appointment, you should bring someone with you. We might need to use some kind of sedation to keep you comfortable during cosmetic dentistry in Vaughan procedure. That could include anything from a simple pill to relax you to general anesthetic. Either way, it’s a good idea to bring along a relative or trusted friend. You’ll be groggy afterwards and it’s best if you don’t drive home. Jewelry should stay at home on the day of your appointment. That includes removing the [...]

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Dental Bonding in Woodbridge and Why Smiling Matters


The dental bonding in Woodbridge services we offer makes short work of those minor defects so your smile looks fantastic. The polished resin we use blends with your natural teeth so no one can tell you’ve had the procedure done. Smile all you want. Because the process is affordable and because it’s good for you to show off your pearly whites. Here’s just a few reasons why smiling makes a big difference in everyone’s life. People with Bad Teeth Don’t Make as Much Whether you’re in business for yourself or working at a career, your smile is your ticket to more money. Studies have shown that both men and women with dental problems make less. Woodbridge dental bonding can repair decayed teeth or fix chips and cracks. It’s a good way to fix any spaces that you have between your teeth or to change the shape of a  tooth completely. First impressions are everything in the business world. Your smile is just as important as your portfolio. Smiling Can Lower Your Blood Pressure People who are self-conscious about their teeth don’t smile as much. Medical science tells us those folks are missing out on some important health benefits. Flashing your [...]

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