Scaling & Root Planing in Woodbridge

We Provide Expert Woodbridge Scaling & Root Planing

Woodbridge Scaling & Root Planing is another one of the top notch services we offer at Vellore Corners Dentistry. If you’ve got gum disease, this is the most common course of action. We’re committed to making sure you keep your smile bright and healthy.

Making sure everyone in your family gets professional compassionate dental care is what we do. Combating gingivitis and the more serious periodontitis is an important way we hope you maintain your original teeth.

Before we decide on any course of action, we will examine your mouth. If we find the telltale signs of gum disease, we might recommend Woodbridge scaling & root planning. The diagnosis depends on a few factors like how much tartar we see and the condition of your gums.

The process is the best way to stop gum disease before it claims any of your natural teeth. Here’s how it works.

Woodbridge Scaling & Root Planing Explained

Getting rid of calculus and plaque that’s built up on your teeth is what scaling is designed to do. We focus below the gum line with his treatment. It’s important to move along the roots with a special dental tool.

Getting as much buildup as possible is the goal.

Root planing is a similar procedure that’s designed to get rid of the same unwanted plaque and tartar. This procedure is designed to get rid of unwanted buildup and promote healing at the same time. It’s just as important as scaling because it prevents bacteria from gaining a hold.

What It Does

Root planning and scaling can help your overall health and prevent periodontal disease of the same time. Periodontal infections can travel through your bloodstream to cause other diseases.

These procedures can also help you get rid of things like bad breath. Because we are thorough and comprehensive, we will also remove any superficial stains on your teeth.

Take a look through the services we offer. You’ll see everything we do is designed with your oral health in mind. The greatest testament to the work we do is your beautiful smile.

Making every one of your dental visits a pleasant and positive experience is our end goal. If you book a consultation today, we can go over your Woodbridge scaling & root planing options. Better oral health and a beautiful smile are waiting for you at Vellore Corners Dentistry.

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