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Some Woodbridge Family Dentistry Advice to Pregnant Moms


As your Woodbridge family dentistry professionals, we want to look after everyone in your clan. That means doing our best and offering suggestions for pregnant mothers. There are a few proactive steps that you can take to look after your teeth, gums and unborn child from any unnecessary complications. First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to share the news with us as soon as possible. There are certain medications we might otherwise prescribe that are not the best for expectant mothers. The sooner we know that you have a child on the way, the better. Share Your Plans Even better if you can share your plans to start a family before you’re pregnant. That way we can get things like x-rays done in advance. Here’s a tip if you need some dental work done and are already expecting. The ideal time to have any work done is the second trimester. More Woodbridge Family Dentistry Advice for Expectant Moms If you’re like most pregnant mothers you’ll need to pile on some extra calories. Then there’s the pregnancy cravings and morning sickness to deal with. All of these situations can cause advanced risk for cavities. Here’s some tips so you [...]

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Great Reasons to Choose Our Woodbridge Family Dentistry Services


Thinking about choosing us as your Woodbridge family dentistry professionals? At Vellore Corners Dentistry, we pride ourselves on treating every member of the family. We take a personal interest in everyone in your clan. Out professional team is dedicated to making sure your oral health is always a top priority. Here’s some other great reasons to choose our Woodbridge family dentistry practice. You Can Bring in Everyone We understand that modern life can be quite hectic for today’s busy family. That’s why we like to focus on the fact that a dental team like ours can look after every member of your tribe. Take a minute and check out our crew. Each member has the experience you’re looking for and the dedication to a unique oral health plan for everyone. From emergency dental care to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, we have every member of your family covered. Our Woodbridge family dentistry Practice Offers Compassionate Affordable Care   Vellore Corners Dentistry starts your family dentistry experience with a friendly welcoming office. We’ve designed it that way so you and everyone from the grandparents to the children have a pleasant first impression. We are dedicated to making sure each and every [...]

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