There are three main types of artificial teeth and each one is designed for a particular circumstance.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are made by surgically placing one or more small metal posts beneath the gum directly into the jawbone. Implants are integrated with the surrounding bone and serve as anchors to which replacement teeth can be attached.

Dentures: A removable or partial denture replaces all lost teeth in the arch. By clasping the remaining adjacent teeth, the denture is held in place. Where none of the natural teeth remain, a complete denture is required. In the case of a complete upper denture, suction helps hold it in place.

Bridge: A bridge or ‘fixed bridge’ is a replacement appliance that is cemented to adjacent teeth and cannot be removed. Typically, the two remaining healthy teeth on either side of the lost tooth are prepared for crowns. A unit consisting of a false tooth and two crowns on either side is custom made to fill the area where the tooth has been lost. The appliance is then cemented into place.