Keep in mind we are here as your Vaughan emergency dentist when you have a mishap at home. You might be playing sports or even have a slip and fall in your kitchen or front yard. Dental emergencies can crop up at any time.

We want you to be prepared for every situation. That’s why we’ve put together some Vaughan emergency dentist tips for when you are traveling and on vacation.

When You Get a Toothache on The Flight

There are several reasons why you might get a toothache while flying to a holiday destination. Air pressure can be imbalanced in the cabin. If you’ve got a space in your filling, or crack or cavity, you might be uncomfortable while flying because of these air pressure changes.

Things should clear up when you land. If they don’t, floss and rinse your mouth out to get rid of anything that might be stuck between your teeth. If that doesn’t work and the pain persists, make an appointment with our Vaughan emergency dentist as soon as you get home.

Being Proactive

As your Vaughan emergency dentist, we want you to have a good time on your vacation. It’s the time to leave your worries behind and have some carefree adventures. That means you should enjoy yourself on holiday but be aware and careful to avoid certain things.

For example, hard candy might be something you’re looking forward to. However, if you chip a tooth while you’re on vacation, you might have to take a detour from your holiday plans. Likewise for sticky foods if you’ve had any recent dental work done.

Check with Us Before You Go

We always recommend that you come in and see us for a routine checkup before you leave on vacation. It’s even more important if you’re noticing any swelling or aches and pains. Any symptoms can be red flags of something like a cracked tooth or decay. It’s always a good idea to be in tip top dental form before you head out on vacation.

If something happens when you can’t get a hold of our Vaughan emergency dentist services, here’s a few things you can do. Applying a cold compress if you’ve had a tooth knocked out or chipped one will help keep the swelling down.

Over-the-counter aspirins can help with any pain until you can get back home and see our Vaughan emergency dentist.